Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear non-existing readers :)

Lemme tell you this funny thing that happened!

One day, after gym, I went for dinner, feeling all sticky and disgusting! And all i could think about was going back to my hostel to shower! Soo, after dinner, I went back and showered :)

I was so happy! Thinking about the warm water cleansing my body, and my amazing shampoo smell filling the air. And thus, I went into the shower room and on the tap. The water was slow, so I just assumed the pressure was low. I squeezed my amazing Shurei on my hair, and scrub scrub scrub. And just when I wanted to wash my shampoo off, THE WATER STOPPED FLOWING!


I was stranded. In the shower. With shampoo in my hair!

Thus, I went back to my room, wrapped in my towel, with shampoo in my hair.
And now I'm blogging.
Thats right! This is happening, right NOW.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

JPA Interview

This post is specially to those next year, who'll be going for the JPA scholarship interview :)

Soo, just last Thursday I had my JPA interview. Durrh, goosebumps all the way till that day came.

Here's a few pointers on how to prepare for the day,
1. If you're a debater then thumbs up for you (Y). If you're not, then start practicing. Strategize your points and make sure you speak facts!
2. Read the newspaper! Thats what everyone say. But if you're like me (hates the newspaper), then ask your dad to tell you whats going on in the society and economy.
3. Make sure you file is organized! What I did was, I had a title page for every section. Its way neater :)
4. Get your high school to certify every important document ie. IC, birthcert etc.

So, on that day itself. You'll have to arrive 30minutes earlier. Just be kiasu and go early! :)
Then you'll have to sign TWICE! First on a common board where they list your name and your interview room, which you'll see everyone gathering around. Next, you'll have to sign another time when you go to the waiting room.

Later, they'll take your clear folder with all your documents, and direct you to your interview room. Then, the interview starts.

Of course they'll first ask you to introduce yourself. They will ask you in BM, so its best if you prepare an introductory of yourself in BM. Then they'll probably ask you why you chose your course and the place of destination. Then they'll ask one open-ended question in BM, which you MUST answer in BM.

So, a few famous questions are:
1. Campaigns (why isn't it working?)
2. Health Centres (what do you think of it? is it good enough?)
3. Sports (what do you think about Malaysian sports? should we call for help from the overseas coach?)
4. Is the crime rate increasing or decreasing?
5. What can you bring back when you go overseas?
6. Reality tv. (are they bringing more good or bad to the society?)
7. *current issue. Japan earthquake (what can you learn from it?)

Do rmb, when they ask you in English, you may answer in English. But if they ask you in BM, do try your best to reply in BM.
Girls should wear Baju Kurung (preferably), and formal wear with tie for boys.

If they challenge you when you answer (like disagree with your point), then just stand firm and give logical reasons for your answers. They're not challenging you because you're wrong. There is no right or wrong answer. They just want to see how you handle situations like that, and to see if you can really think on the spot.

Also, always keep good eye contact. Firm but not aggressive.

All the best for your interview :)
Overall, its actually a very good experience. Just stay loose and it'll be fun :)

Prepare well guys!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I dont know, but somehow, we ended up in one of my family dinner/occasions. So out of place, huh? It was weird, almost, REALLY unbelievable. You were much excited compared to your usual self. After not seeing you in what felt like years, you seemed even more perfect than I remembered. Under the sunlight, you held my hands and the warmth of your palm filled mine instantly. I remember you telling me that if your palms are always red, it means your blood circulation is good. Everytime I take a glance at my palms, it'll remind me of your huge red palm, warm and secure. You smiled at me with so much enthusiasm, without a word. Words didn't need to be said or heard, cause I've always liked just looking at you smile. Somehow, we were walking down the street, just holding hands and strolling aimlessly. If I had a choice, I'd wish that this street didn't have to come to an end.

But it did. Ended, with me waking up to my alarm.

I've always enjoyed these little dreams about you, which may seem meaningless, but to me, its means almost everything. I guess its a way to remind myself how wonderful you made me feel :)

Saved messages means a lot to me. Its a way of saying that, you're being saved in my heart. Hahah. So, that day, I finally had the guts to delete your messages from my phone, meaning shedding my feelings for you, finally. But I realised, you can't just delete someone off your heart like a message in a phone. How can I when I've already memorised your messages? Heh :R

I also came to a conclusion, I don't want to delete you off my life. You mean to much for me to just forget about you. How can one do that?

Now I truly understand, you don't need to see someone, or hold them, even talk to them to like them. If you have them in your heart, you wont need PDA (public display of affection).

"Getting someone is not liking them. Getting some is just an infatuation."
ORIGINAL QUOTE by yours truly :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barb's been qued! Hahahah I meant barbeque :)

Had a night out with the flower, dragon and dinasour gang! :D Except Daey and Jon were missing :(

But it was a fun night :)

Zhan's house was amazing! Yes yess, rich kid ==

&Mag's cooking was 'yat lao'. Hahahah Gotta express myself in cantonese cause english words can't describe how amazing a chef she is!

Because of that, she deserves a SOLO picture!

Well, as usual, the boys were sitting most of the time! But they did cook, a lil'. :P

Whats a poolside barbeque party if you don't jump into the pool after that?! :D

Heh So we splash splash splash in ze pool, and the guys won't want me telling you this, but I made them do synchronise swimming in the pool! Hahahah It was hilarious! Obviously Zhan and Xing has no coordination whatsoever :P

&we had a train ride in the waters. Hahahah It was uber cool. Conclusion: We gotta do this more often! :D

After that, we head down to Mcd for some extra food :P

Don't ever let Zhan drive when CK is driving too. They'll start beating each other like some Daytona game ==

Hmm, what else can we do in Mcd since we're not allowed in the playground section?


Nway, I'm out of words! Pictures speak a thousand words right? Soo, there's my thousand words!

Friday, April 1, 2011

200th :)

This post deserves a title, since its the 200th post :)

I'm proud of my bloggie, which I will name, bloggie from now :D

Its been through ups and downs with me. If you actually read through all my old posts (I doubt anyone would, such a bore), you'll see how I actually evolve from a girl to a lady !

Chehwa, so pro :P

Nway, reading my past posts, I realised, I've been through alot with people whom I really treasure. Lately I've been having ... flashbacks, just reminiscing about the past :)

No doubt, if I were to go through it all again, I wouldn't change a thing. Whether I was upset, or drowned in drama, I would do it all again. Thinking about it, I really miss those times. &I really miss you peeps too :)

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" (Dolly Parton). :)

This rainbow in my life, is spectacular. More colourful than any one that I've seen ;)

Every colour represents each special "someone" who has really made an impact in my life.

Last time, I used to look at the bottle as half empty. But now, I always see it as half full. You've really made an impact my life, and I would never forget you since you're already in my memory box! (like literally, I have a box filled with memories aka letters. Hahah)

I really feel like making a tribute to these people. Like through a song or smtg :)

Fun fact: Every person who has made an impact in my life has their own song. Everytime I hear that 'special' song, I would automatically think about that person! So I really feel like expressing myself through those songs! Buuut you see, I'm not exactly musically talented. LOL Soo, we'll see :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good evening!

Its a lovely day, isn't it?

NOT! Its too hot for my bangs to handle.

Yes, you heard me right, I bang my hair - as Mag puts it :P

Why would I do that? Well, people say when you cut your hair, you're cutting away your past, all the sorrow, and just starting a new life.

I say ... thats a drama show.

Hahahahah I'm trying not to be dramatic this year :)

Soo, reason for my bangs? A new look! :)

Actually, I've been wanting bangs for long, so I finally got it! Hopefully the zits dont pay a visit :P

Here's a look at the bangs!

So, how does it look?

Btw, I CUT MY OWN BANGS! Heheheeh Cool ;)

ooh, I love my YouCam and that explains the numerous poses! Got carried away :O

Thats it for now. Girls gotta study! Ciao :)

~~ piu piu

Friday, March 25, 2011

P.A.S.A.R. M.A.L.A.M. (Y)

I'm not exaggerating but its been at least 2 years since I've been to one :(
&I finally got to go to one ytd :)

Ytd, I went to the pasar malam with me friends, and gosh it was millions of funs! (grammatically WRONG!)
But yeah, I've definitely gotta be socialble again :)

Before pasar malam, I was in Phun's house, on Skype with Xing and Swen. Hahaha &so here's a treat for y'all, a really retarded picture of Xing :P


We told him to try touching his nose with his tongue, doing lala 1-10. & then we took millions of snapshots of him ;)

After laughing at Xing ..... we finally went to the pasar malam. No kidding, but I was starving!!
Soooo, we had asam laksa, chra koay teow, and har mee ;) Maan was it delicious yo!

I kinda forgot how a pasar malam works. LOL Walking around aimlessly and buying this buying that. Hahahah Actually, just buying all food :P

I GOT MY WHEEL-O!! Guessing whats that??

Its the only thing I ALWAYS buy from the pasar malam! :D

After that, we had the most thrilling ride back home. Gosh, Xing .. I know you're a good driver .. but pls ahh, control sikit ==

I swear you almost banged into a car, TWICE!

Hahaah And the highlight of our adventure? Making your 20 point turn :P
We drove into this really tight alley, thinking that we'd make it out the other end, manatau it was blocked ==
So we had to go back. &Xing had to do a 20-point-turn (actually its a 3-point-turn), while Manda and I became point-turn police (traffic police). Hahahahh!

&Not to mention, the alley was dark .. deserted ... and cold ~~~~


The holidays are finally starting to feel like a holiday :D But its ending :(

I love .. friends, outings, adventure and stars! Hmm .. random :P

Ookay, gotta be socialble! Skype shall be my new best friend! Hahaahah